Rosewood Dinner Theater, Delavan, WI, Wedding Photography | Leo & Emilie

I seem to have a knack for attracting laid-back clients (something you will NEVER EVER hear me complain about), and Leo and Emilie were no exception!! Their day was relaxed and beautiful and it was a joy to be a part of it all! 

Why don't we kick things off with my favorite ring shot I've ever taken? Hey there, sparkles!

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0006.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0007.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0001.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0008.jpg

Leo and Emilie's daughter Cora is sooooooo stinkin' cute!! 

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0009.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0010.jpg


rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0011.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0012.jpg

Leo surprised Emilie with a bracelet that said "I love you" in his own handwriting!!

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0014.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0015.jpg

Meanwhile, the guys were maxin' and relaxin'.

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0016.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0017.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0018.jpg

Rosewood Dinner Theater was such a peaceful place! 

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0019.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0020.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0021.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0022.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0023.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0025.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0026.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0027.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0028.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0029.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0030.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0031.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0033.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0035.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0034.jpg

The lovely ladies!! I'm obsessed with their different dresses!

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0036.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0037.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0038.jpg

You are stunning, Emilie. 

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0040.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0039.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0041.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0042.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0043.jpg

The light was uh-maaaaazing and L&E's adorable game was strong. 

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0044.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0045.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0046.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0047.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0048.jpg

In other news, I was struggling with some serious hair envy that day. ;)

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0049.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0050.jpg

I have to give a shout-out to Leo's mom, who worked so hard to make the day beautiful and unforgettable! You rock, Kim!!!

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0051.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0052.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0002.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0053.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0054.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0055.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0056.jpg

We were only there for a bit of dancing, but man was it a good time!

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0004.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0003.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0005.jpg

Congrats again, you two!! Blessings!

What's your favorite wedding day memory?

Emilie: Being surrounded with love and good nature.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Emilie: No

Best piece of advice for brides and grooms?

Emilie: Little details are sweet and help contribute to the personal aspect of the wedding, but guests seem to focus mainly on the bigger things, like venue, food, and music.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Lake Lawn Resort and will plan a longer getaway in the winter.

Final Reflections:

Emilie: Everything came together and I was very happy.

Huge thanks to Erin for second shooting this wedding with me!! 

rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0057.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0058.jpg
rosewood_delavan _WI_ wedding_photographer_0059.jpg