While most people out there have already gotten started on accomplishing their goals for 2016, I'm over here just sitting down to figure out my own.  If I can be completely honest with ya'll, I really hate making goals. I'm realizing more and more how much I struggle with perfectionism, and in most cases, it keeps me from doing anything unless I know from the start I can succeed at it. I like the idea of goals, and I have a long list of things I'd love to do someday (perfectly, of course), but when it comes down to it, I'd rather just do something I can already do. Something that I naturally excel at. Like watch TV or take a bath. 

I know this is a fault, and I want to change. When I look at my 5-year-old and see him struggling with the same perfectionistic tendencies, I know I need to change. I need to show him that it's okay to fail, learn, and try again (and in most cases, to fail again). I want him to know how sweet it is to start something and let it grow and evolve into something that wouldn't have otherwise happened without those failures. And if the failure is absolute, I want him to feel satisfied knowing that he tried his hardest and gave it everything he had and that he isn't a failure because of it. I'm gonna just repeat those last few sentences to myself for a second. Okay. Ready. Here I go. 

2016 Goals:

1. Write more. As this is my first non-business post on my blog in, ummm, YEARS, I think we can consider this to be a good start! But blogging is really a small part of this goal. I've been feeling for years now that I need to be journaling consistently but I keep putting it off for various reasons. Some of the reasons are valid (like having 3 young kids and being too tired to even shower, let alone write), but most of them are a result of my wanting things to perfect right off the bat (Like, what kind of journal should I keep? Should I have different journals for studying the Bible and my own thoughts? How should I format it? What if I start one way and want to change it? Blah, blah, on and on.). I recently read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield which has been eye-opening for me in this realm. Time to push through the resistance!

2. Read more. This is more of a need than a goal. I love reading and feel so much better when I'm reading a good book. I want to make it more of a priority in 2016. (I'm taking suggestions, so hit me up with your current faves!)

3. Learn how to paint. This is totally out of left field for me because I'm horrible when it comes to drawing or anything related to it. But I love sunsets, and I love silhouetted trees in front of sunsets, and I want to learn to paint them, dang it! Right now I'm trying out watercolors and Youtube tutorials and I'm really enjoying the process! (That's code for I really really suck, by the way. I'm moving past perfectionism, people!!) 

4. Simplify. This was actually our family word for 2015, but we're carrying it over into 2016. From our schedule, to our businesses (my husband and I are both small business owners), to our home, I think this might be an endless goal for us. Seth and I just read through The Magic Art of Tidying Up and it's been a huge game-changer here in the Deming home. (I'm obsessed with new ways to simplify and I know I'm not the only one, so if you have any life-changing recommendations let me know!!)


I'm feeling good about this. I'm sure I could come up with some more specific goals, but I'm proud of myself for just getting these up here in the first place. Since this post feels a bit naked without a photo, here's a shot of my littlest at the beach during our November family vacay to Florida! 

P.S. I literally held off on publishing this post for a week and a half so I could think about it and process what I'd written. I think I've got a long way to go on this journey to break free of perfectionism. I'm celebrating the small victory of actually publishing it, though. ;) Thanks for reading!