Hotel Arista & Noah's Event Venue, Naperville, IL Wedding Photography | Chris & JC

It's good to be back, my friends!! Chris and JC's wedding earlier this month was the perfect way to start my Spring season! These two are all-around wonderful people, but here are a few things I love most about them: How easily they laugh together, the way they look at each other (SO many gems during the ceremony!! I got a little teary while editing!), and how much they love their family and friends. It was such a joy to capture their day!

We started out at Hotel Arista for the getting ready and their First Look images. I'd never been there before, but it had some amazing natural light so you know I was in love. 

naperville wedding photographer_0002.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0003.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0005.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0006.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0007.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0008.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0009.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0010.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0011.jpg

I love Chris's closed eyes right before turning to see his bride! Such sweet, nervous anticipation!

naperville wedding photographer_0012.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0013.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0014.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0016.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0020.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0017.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0022.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0021.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0023.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0018.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0004.jpg

Then it was time to get married and celebrate over at Noah's Event Venue

naperville wedding photographer_0024.jpg

The ceremony was mostly happy tears and loving looks. They also had 3 different people officiate, each of whom were important to Chris and JC. I just love their sentimentality in planning their ceremony!

naperville wedding photographer_0025.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0026.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0027.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0028.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0029.jpg

The light was stellar right after family formals, so we spent two minutes (literally) grabbing a few images before heading into the reception. 

naperville wedding photographer_0030.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0031.jpg

Party time!

naperville wedding photographer_0032.jpg

Ya'll need to meet Dave. He's the Best Man every Groom (and photographer!) needs. He came equipped with a backpack full of emergency supplies, was literally right there any time anyone needed anything, and held a crazy number of purses and drinks during family formals. He was invaluable and truly helped the day go smoothly!!! Thanks Dave!!

naperville wedding photographer_0034.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0035.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0036.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0037.jpg

A few of my faves from the dance floor!

naperville wedding photographer_0001.jpg

Congrats again, you two!! Thank you so much for the care and consideration you showed me all day!! You were a pleasure to work with! :D

Huge thanks to Gisselle for second shooting this wedding with me, and for capturing some behind the scenes photos of me in action! 

naperville wedding photographer_0039.jpg
naperville wedding photographer_0040.jpg

If you bring a newborn to a wedding, there's a 9/10 chance I'm going to come over and get all googly-eyed and start baby talking to them. You've been warned. (My goodness, you guys, he was sooooooooo precious! GAH!)

naperville wedding photographer_0041.jpg

Happy Tuesday!! 

Dresses (bride and bridesmaids) : Vera Wang

Florist : Phillip's Flowers

Getting Ready Site : Hotel Arista

Ceremony Site : Noah's Event Venue

Reception Venue : Noah's Event Venue

Catering : My Chef Catering

Cake : Vanille

DJ : Sounds Abound