Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

I can't believe it, but my little guy is SIX YEARS OLD. What in the actual what? It's hard to believe that I've been a mom for six years! Seth and I have now reached the point in our marriage where we've had kids for longer than we haven't. It's a strange thing that has me feeling all kinds of old, but also so, SO thankful. Lucas is one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted kids I've ever known and it's such a privilege to be his momma!

Coincidentally, I just got caught up on editing the last two years worth of personal pictures. It's never happened that I've been current with my own family pictures, so I'm pretty excited about this (and maybe I want to brag a bit!)!  I thought it would be fun to post my favorite pictures of Lucas since his birth. Another special thing is that Lucas was born in February of 2010, and I shot my first wedding in June 2010, so I feel like this is not only Lucas' life journey in pictures, but the journey of my photography. Now let me warn you, it's a LOT of pictures. But ya'll can handle it, right?!?! :D