Joe, Rachel, Emma, & Roman : DeKalb, IL Family Photography

I'm going to be brutally honest with you guys. I had family pictures taken right after my third baby, Ezra, was born a couple months ago. He was two weeks old. I was tired and hormonal. The kids were HORRIBLE (I have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old as well). I looked like I was still six months pregnant. The last thing I wanted to do was have my picture taken. But I'm soooooo glad I did it, and not just because it's a sweet memory that I'll cherish having documented for the rest of my life (which it is!). Now I can relate to my clients a little bit more. Having a baby is such a huge life change, and when you throw other kids in the mix, it's INSANE. Oh, and lets do a photo session where we all have to look happy and rested and like NOTHING MAJOR HAS JUST HAPPENED TO US. How the heck do you do that????

Anyways, with all of that in mind, I'm extremely proud of these images. Not as proud as I am of Rachel and Joe, however. I can relate to the craziness I'm sure you experienced preparing for your session and appreciate you guys so much for it!! :D 

I love this family portrait!! 

Little Roman was 7 weeks old at the time of the session! Emma was so sweet with him!

 And like most 2-year-olds, she didn't want to stay put for too long!! 

Roman!!!! You're too cute!!

It was a tad chilly out, so we headed back to their house for the rest of the session. If I'm being honest, these are my favorite. It reminds me so much of my family right now: Mommy's feeding the baby while daddy's a human jungle gym. :D 


I might be crazy, but I love the newborn stage. Sure, you're sleep-deprived, emotional, and, more often than not, in want of a shower. But I've see how quickly it goes. I feel like this image of Rachel feeding Roman captures all that is amazing about having a newborn. It makes me a little teary!!!

See those bears in the crib? They were Rachel's when she was little. 

Thanks again, you guys!! Blessings!! :D