Brian, Kristin, Addyson, Izaak, Aubrey, Nathan, & Landen : DeKalb, IL Family Photogaphy

These kids are no strangers to my blog. I've had the pleasure of photographing them a whopping FIVE times in the past four years!! (2010 Part 1, 2010 Part 2, 2011, 2012, and now this session...they've grown sooo much!)'s crazy to think I've been in business that long!! What an honor to have clients who trust me enough to come back year after year. This year in particular was special because Kristin and Brian, aka Mom and Dad, joined in on the fun for the first time!!

Nathan, Addyson, Landen, Izaak, and Aubrey:

Welcome, Mom and Dad!!!!!! So glad to have you!! 

Landen was only 18 months old the first time I photographed him!!!! I'M OLD! *tear* 

My favorite!! 

My 2nd fave!

Grabbed a couple of Brian and Kristin together. :D

I'm so thankful to document this beautiful family!!! Thanks again, guys!!