John & Gillian | Rockford, IL Wedding Photography

I'm so excited to share John and Gillian's May wedding with you all! I gotta say, I'm pretty darn proud of these images. Partly because this wedding was absolute EYE CANDY, but also because I captured some of my favorite wedding images to date! 

See that bouquet?? It's made of paper. That's right! Gillian spent the entire year leading up to her wedding making hundreds of origami flowers and cranes to decorate her wedding day with. I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was! 

Meanwhile, John was lookin' all dapper. (Huge thanks to Gisselle for helping me out with this wedding, and for getting this image!)

 Check out those cranes!! 

So much pretty happening here. 

Gillian's father gave such a sweet toast.  

I love this image of Gillian and her mom!!

John & Gillian | Married May 3, 2014 | Rockford, IL

Hair and Makeup: Gillian did her own hair and makeup!

Florist: Gillian made all of the origami flowers (and cranes!)

Dress: Whirling Turban

Ceremony site: University Club of Rockford

Reception Venue: University Club of Rockford

Caterer: University Club of Rockford

DJ: Dance Floor Heroes Madison, WI

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Maybe would have purchased red lipstick that doesn't "kiss off"--I made John look like a clown after our first kiss as husband & wife!

Best piece of advice for brides and grooms?

Do what makes YOU happy because this is YOUR day! We picked the food we liked, the music we liked, and wore the clothes we liked--not what other people would have chosen for us, and not necessarily what is considered "traditional". We had so many people tell us it was one of the most fun weddings they've ever been to, which is a huge compliment!

Where did/will you go on your honeymoon?

We have two special needs dogs and it was our first time away from them, so we are planning our honeymoon at a later date. We're thinking about a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina (it's our favorite place).

Final Reflections:

Take time to be with your new husband (or wife). Everyone gave that advice to me, and I didn't understand what they meant until it was too late -- you get pulled in so many directions that you don't really get to hang out with each other at all!