Ryan & Chelsea : Chicago, IL Wedding Photography

Since it's snowing here in Illinois IN APRIL, I thought it'd be appropriate to share Ryan and Chelsea's snowy February Wedding. ;)

I love so many things about this wedding!! I'll start with Chelsea's dress...Chelsea's mother passed away about 6 years ago, so to honor her memory, Chelsea had her mother's dress made into a skirt to go over her reception dress. And Ryan's mom was the one who made the dress into a skirt. The two pieces worked so well together that you'd never know they weren't one dress! 

Second thing I loved about their day: Ryan's reaction to seeing Chelsea for the first time. His exact words were "Holy crap!!!"

The wedding and reception took place at the International Museum of Surgical Sciences in Chicago. It was the perfect setting for their intimate day!

Another Love? Ryan's fist pump right after he kissed Chelsea. 

Now, I don't normally post pictures of wedding food here on my blog, but these guys had such a unique setup pulled together by the amazing Hearty Boys Caterers that I just had to share. Chelsea is from the east coast, and Ryan is from around here, so they had two separate buffet lines, one with food that Chelsea loves from home (sea food, sushi, etc.), and one with Ryan's favorites (like fried chicken, mmmm...). It was so perfectly eclectic! 

Lots of great moments during the toasts!Before I close this post, I want to give a HUGE shout out to the coordinator, Misse from Honey Bee Weddings, and the caterer, Kitty from Hearty Boys. Not only did they do a fantastic job on this wedding, but I was about 11 weeks pregnant at the time, and they were so incredibly awesome when they found out and took care of me the whole night! Seriously, ya'll, I can't say enough good things about them! :D

Chelsea and Ryan, you two were such a joy to photograph!! Your wedding was filled with so much love for each other, and for your friends and family. It was an honor to be a part of it!!