Jason, Courtney, Lorelei, & Phoebe | DeKalb, IL Family Photography

Blog post #3 for this lovely family!!! The first time I photographed Lorelei, she was just a wee babe with the most squishable cheeks EVER!! The second time was for her first birthday.  This time, she's a big sister!!!! I'm happy to report from our session last month that at just 2 months, little Phoebe is shaping up to have some pretty squishy cheeks. ;)

Kickin' things off with my favorite.  

Don't you LOOOOOVE L&P's matching outfits?!?! Adorable!! 

Lorelei is already a great big sis. 

 Anyone know how to make Phoebe's boots in my size?

Jason and Courtney, it was so great seeing you guys again!!! It's a joy to watch your sweet family grow! :D