Andrew, Chrissy, & Aliyah | Kewanee, IL Family Photography

This is my fourth time photographing Chrissy and Andrew in the past 3 years, so they're old pros!! (EngagementWeddingNewborn, and this time!).  Chrissy and I go way back, but you can read about that in some of their other blog posts. :)

Miss Aliyah is now ONE. I can't believe how much she's grown (Seriously, check out newborn link above! Or if you're feelin' lazy, you can click here.). She's such a little ham!  

Sitting for pictures? Ain't no baby got time for that!! 

Love those little teeth!

You want a cute family on a dock with fall colors and geese in the background? BOOM. Chrissy, if this isn't hanging in your house next time I come over I'm going to be mad at you. K? K. ;) 

Allie was pretty sleepy by this point, but still so happy! I honestly think kids get excited to hang out with me so they don't nap before sessions. I'm just that cool! ;)

Thanks again for trusting me to create heirlooms of your precious family!!!  Love you guys!!!!!! :) :) :)