Chad & Elizabeth : Sycamore, IL Engagement Photography

Check out these two cuties!!  

Adorbs, you guys. Seriously. :D

I love this next image because Chad didn't even blink when I asked if he minded standing in the creek while holding Elizabeth. I always ask before making someone do something weird because I'm not going to make anyone do anything they aren't comfortable with, and I even got in the creek before them for the shot above. Sometimes people say no, which is totally cool. I think Chad actually took it as a challenge every time I asked him to do something out of the ordinary. I'm shooting their wedding next July, so that should give me some time to cook up something really good for him to do. ;)

 It's always fun when you try something you don't normally do and it ends up being FREAKING SWEET. ;)

Congrats again on your engagement!! Can't wait to work with you both again!!