Schaumburg, IL Family Session

When I was photographing this family, I was struck by an interesting aspect of my job that I'd never really thought about before: Preserving legacies.  What really got me thinking about this was when Eleanore, the one who contacted me for the session, mentioned that they hadn't had pictures with the entire family since her and her sisters starting having kids...around 14 years!!!!  So much changes in 14 years, and I was honored to be the one to capture these new memories.

Meet Yong and Chung:

Their daughters, Eleanore, Gina, and Jeannie: 


Their grandchildren, (minus Eva...apparently babies don't climb trees!) Tim, Auggie, Olivia, Jonathan, Anna, Jeremiah, and Bethany:



I've photographed loooooots of kiddos in my day, and these kids were a dream! They were up for anything, and had so much fun they asked to do it over and over again! I'm sure they slept good that night. ;)

I could squish Eva all. day. long.  CHEEEEKS!!!! 

Thank you all for being so wonderful!!!