Brandie & Ted Part II : NIU, DeKalb, IL Engagement Photography

You might remember Brandie and Ted from this session back in March.  These two are deeply sentimental, and wanted to do their engagement session where they met and fell in love.  We shot the first part of their session outside in the snow at Northern Illinois University, but getting into the chemistry lab where they met took a lot more planning. Thankfully, the staff at the school were in love with the idea of us photographing the session inside the classroom! They even published an article about Brandie and Ted in their online newspaper, NIU Today! (You can read it over here!)

I have to say, this is probably the most creative place I've ever shot a session in! It was a lot of work getting in there, but TOTALLY worth it for something that will hold so much meaning for them for the rest of their lives. 

NIU gifted B & T with these SUPER CUTE beaker toasting mugs!! 

We headed down to the Faraday Library to finish things up.  When they started dating, Ted sent Brandie on a scavenger hunt...this was the exact book that he hid one of the clues in. :)

These two are getting married THIS SATURDAY!!!!!! It's been such a joy getting to know them over the course of their engagement, and I'm so excited to see them tie the knot!!!!