Melissa & Patrick : DeKalb, IL Engagement Photography

I'm sooo excited to share Melissa and Patrick's engagement session with ya'll!


M&P are the kind of people who laugh easily, which in turn makes my job easy.  I believe most of the time was spent with them laughing at me, but whatev's.  Small price to pay, if you ask me.  ;)


The move that sealed the deal for Melissa: The Chin Touch.


Melissa, you have the CUTEST smile!!!!  Made my time editing even more enjoyable. :)


AHH!!  I'm really looking forward your wedding in June!! :D


Is it weird to say that I'm totally jealous of your hair, Melissa?  Yes?  Okay.


How did you meet?

Patrick and my friend were coworkers, so I met him when I visited her during my winter break from college.

What was your first thought when you met?

Patrick: I thought she was a pretty cool chick.

Melissa: I really liked his laugh. I kept thinking,"wow, he must really think I'm hilarious!" Years later I've discovered that he laughs like that when he's nervous, haha.

What do you like to do together for fun?

We love to dote on our cat, Boltzy. We also enjoy playing board games with friends, and watching movies together. We treasure reading, and love to get each other into book series. Game of Thrones, Dresden Files, Dark Tower Series, Jane Austen, and Grimm's Collective Works are just a few we are obsessed with :)

Anything else?

We are super excited to be married on our dating anniversary in June!                

Patrick: I'm really looking forward to our honeymoon in Ireland and joining the Navy