Fabyan Forest Preserve, Geneva, IL Family Photography

Christopher, Jessica, John, Kane, Christine, Hailey, Melissa, Dylan, and Marty.  :)Powers_84.jpg Kane is such a sweetie to his little sis, Hailey!!Powers_05.jpg


When it comes to cute, she don't mess around!!Powers_24.jpg


These two love their grandparents!Powers_39BW.jpg

I mentioned this on Facebook, but I'll say it again.  Most often, my favorite images from sessions aren't the "perfect" ones.  Those aren't the ones that show us who a person is, or what life is like.  I love this image below because life with little kids isn't everyone sitting down with their hands folded in their lap, smiling, and looking at the camera.  It's kids running, making crazy faces, being themselves, and having fun.  :)Powers_41.jpg



Marty and Melissa with their precious little girl, Dylan.Powers_74.jpg


Happy Friday, my friends!!!!