Emily : DeKalb, IL Senior Photography

Emily is a senior at DeKalb High School this year, she's also dating my youngest brother. :)  I was great getting to know her more during her session back in October!  dekalbILseniorsession_01.jpg dekalbILseniorsession_04.jpg




My favorite!!!  The color, the CUTENESS!  You should have seen me freaking out while she was sitting there.  I think I sang "Oh my gosh. This. Looks. AMAZING!!!" in some creepy high pitched voice. I'm glad she ended up laughing and not being frightened.  ;)dekalbILseniorsession_08.jpg



Thanks, Emily, and good luck this year!!

Ben : West Chicago, IL Senior Photography

I'm totally in love with these images from my October session with Ben!!  He's a senior at Wheaton Academy in St. Charles, and probably one of the most relaxed seniors I've ever photographed.Ben_05.jpgBen_07.jpg Ben_09.jpg Ben_13.jpg

Does he not look like a young Ryan Gosling??? Ben_20.jpg

"Hey Girl..." Ben_23.jpg Ben_29BW.jpg Ben_32.jpg Ben_36.jpg

This is when we discovered our mutual love of Mumford and Sons and that we had both been listening to it in the car while driving to the session.

Ben_46.jpg Ben_47.jpg Ben_50.jpg Ben_54.jpg

It was a pleasure getting to know you, Ben!!

Jaron : DeKalb, IL Senior Session

Jaron is a senior this year at Indian Creek High School and will be graduating this spring! He hopes to play basketball in college and get a degree in something involving athletics.  I photographed him in some sweet alleys downtown DeKalb where the ivy was INSANE.  If there's ivy, you can pretty much guarantee I'm going to stick someone in front of it.  Or next to it.  Or in it.  

We ended the session at Chesebro Elementary School in DeKalb to grab some shots on the basketball court.

Good luck in your final year of High School, Jaron!!

Colin : DeKalb, IL Senior Session

Colin was on my blog a couple of weeks ago with his family, but now he's in the spotlight!  

Colin is a basketball player and he has an AMAZING court in his backyard!! 

I've always wanted to be able to spin a basketball.  I'm totally jealous!

We headed to downtown DeKalb for part two of his session.  Colin makes those dirty alleys look good!

Good luck in your senior year, Colin!!  It was a pleasure photographing you!  Remember us when you're a famous basketball player!! :)


Keri : Sycamore, IL Senior Session

This has been a strange winter in that it's barely snowed at all here in the Midwest.  Usually at this point in the year, we're buried under many, many inches of snow, but instead, we've had some amazingly mild weather (It was in the 60's this past week.  IN ILLINOIS!).  We actually got some snow a couple of weeks ago, so I was contacted last minute by Keri's mom to head out for a quick senior session before it all melted, which it did pretty much the same day we had our session.  I have to admit, as much as I dislike winter, it was nice to get out in the snow for a change of scenery. :)
Keri is a senior at Sycamore High School and headed off to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in the Spring.  She's sweet, beautiful, and one of those rare people who actually like the snow.  ;)  
My favorite!!  
Thanks, Keri, and good luck this fall!! :)

Jake & Kristin : DeKalb, IL Prom Shoot

Some of you might remember when Jake graced my blog last fall for his senior pictures.  Well, he's back!  And this time he brought reinforcements in the form of his beautiful girlfriend, Kristin, who drove all the way out here from Ohio to go to DeKalb High School's prom with him.  The two of them braved the chilly drizzle last weekend for some pre-prom pictures at The Ellwood House here in DeKalb before heading off to the dance.  They were seriously SO cute, and the rain certainly didn't seem dampen their mood one bit.  

Getting in a bit of practice before the dance.
love, Love, LOVE her corsage!!!!
*Sigh* Young love. :)

Hope you two had a great time!  And congrats to Jake for making the Senior Prom Court! 

Brandon : DeKalb, IL Senior Session

Brandon was eight when I met him.  EIGHT!  And now, 10 years later, he's all grown-up and graduating from high school. I guess that means I'm old. ;)

Brandon will be graduating from DeKalb High School in just a couple of weeks!  In the fall, he's headed off to Columbia College to study film, and someday hopes to be working for a company like Pixar doing animation.  How fun/awesome/exciting is that???

Congrats and good luck, Brandon!!!

>Seniors : Jake


Meet Jake. He's a senior at DeKalb High School who plans to get his degree in Graphic Design after his upcoming graduation. I had a ton of fun with Jake, and we really had a lot in common! I also went to DeKalb High, and even though most of the teachers I know are gone now, it was fun to learn that he's had some of the same teachers I had 10 years ago. We chatted about how much of a Photoshop noob I am, and bonded over our mutual hatred of over-dramatic Facebook status updates. And I took pictures. All in all, it was a great evening. :)
I heart this alley. And Jake totally rocked it.
Jake, good luck on your last year of High School, and thanks for a great session! :)

>Seniors : Bethany


Bethany is a senior at Hempstead High School in Dubuque, IA. I'm in Dubuque pretty regularly since my best friend/sis-in-law lives out there, which is how I met Bethany many, many years ago. Bethany told her mom this summer that she didn't want the same senior pics as everyone else, so I was seriously honored when she got in touch with me!
We started out at the Star Brewery right on the Mississippi River and wandered around there for a bit.

I was in love with these stairs.
Next we moved a little further into downtown Dubuque.
We finished the session off by heading out the the Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. It was so beautiful there!!
I had an awesome time with you, Bethany! Good luck on your final year of High School!! :) :)