Some of you may know that Seth has been shooting weddings with me since I shot my first wedding back in 2010, but for the most part, all sessions and anything regarding the business has been my thing.  I'm excited to make an official announcement that Seth is joining me as a business partner/photographer!!!!  HAPPY DANCE!!!!! So what does this mean for ya'll?  One big immediate change is that Seth has been learning all about lighting, and we've been implementing his knowledge during our recent sessions.  Check it out!!

We've even pulled out the lights at a couple of recent senior sessions to add some extra oomph!

For the most part, sessions will still be shot by me using natural light, but we're both very excited to be able to challenge ourselves creatively with this new skill and provide you with even more amazingness from your session!!

There are other ways that Seth will be contributing that we'll be rolling out in the next few months, and I'm also hoping that eventually he'll be able to help me out more on the back end of things (if I ever learn to relinquish control...hah!).

So there you have it!!!  Feel free to leave a big old "WELCOME" for Seth here in the comments or over on Facebook!!!  I know he'd appreciate it! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!