Addyson, Izaak, Aubrey, Nathan, & Landen : DeKalb, IL Kids Session

This session from last fall was the 3rd time I've photographed these kids (see here and here), and I just love them to pieces!!! It's been so much fun to watch them grow of the past couple of years!  They are a group of hams, which makes sessions with them a blast!

Another thing I love about Izaak, Addyson, Aubrey, Nathan, and Landen?  They are some of the most natural kids in front of the camera I've ever photographed.  Any time I'd ask them to get together for a group shot, they'd just meld together in a completely natural pose.  I never had to ask them to get closer to each other, hug each other super tight, smile like they liked each other, or anything like that!  It was magic, people!
I knew the lips and mustaches would be perfect props for these guys! 
Then they all attacked me. :)
Love this one!!!
I look forward to seeing these kiddos again soon!!!! :)