Lucas Weekly : Week 53 - Birthday Week + Birthday Party!! {2/20/12-2/24/12}

Well, another crazy photo project has come to an end!!!  Even though this past year wasn't as intense as taking a picture a day like his first year of life, Lucas Weekly seemed to be much more difficult to keep up with!  I'm not sure if it's because I didn't have the daily routine of taking a picture, the fact that my business took off, or getting pregnant halfway through the year, but it seemed like more of a challenge to remember.  Seth saved my butt so many times, especially at the beginning of my pregnancy!!

My plan for when after the baby comes is to do a 365 project like I did with Lucas.  If things end up getting crazy, I may end up doing only one picture a week, but hopefully I'll be able to keep up!!  I more than likely won't be posting many 365 pictures here just because it's too much work for me right now to edit and get pictures ready for a blog, and I obviously had a hard enough time keeping up with posting weekly pictures in a timely fashion! :) I'll be posting the pictures over on my

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, so if you haven't liked it yet and want to keep up with the pictures, head on over there!!

And now, onto the LAST week of pictures from Lucas Weekly!!  The official picture was from a few days before his Birthday.  I love what a ham he's become!!!

Taken 2/20/12

50mm f/1.6 1/100 sec ISO 250

You'll notice a couple of things from these next pictures from his Birthday on February 24th: 1. He got a big boy Birthday haircut!!  and 2. He has a nice bruise above his mouth.  He fell off of a bench onto our tile floor just TWO DAYS before his Birthday and cut the inside of his mouth. :(  If I've learned anything from being a photographer, it's that kids always get visibly injured either right before a Birthday, or right before a photo session.  Lucas is no exception!

That night, opening his gifts from mom and dad!

We bought him a little baby doll to help explain that we're going to have a new little baby in the house.  He was excited for about 5 minutes, before he threw the doll on the ground. ;)

We had his party the Saturday after his Birthday.  It's always such a blessing to have our friends and family over!  There was much merriment, and much food! :)


breakfast mufffins

that I found on Pinterest were a HUGE hit!!


Nutella crescent rolls!!  YUM!!!!!!!

He wasn't quite sure how to handle everyone singing to him. 

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who has followed along this year!!!  I truly appreciate all of the encouragement and support!!!!  

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Now it's time to enjoy these next few weeks off before our life changes once again. :)