Arizona Vacation + Lucas Weekly : Week 46 {1/2/12-1/8/12}

When I look back at all of the pictures from our vacation, I can't believe we almost didn't take Lucas with us.  The original plan was for Seth and I to take a week-long road trip to Arizona to plan out 2012 for my business.  We thought it'd be easier without Luc, but as the time drew closer, we were both starting to feel more and more anxious about leaving him for so long.  Three days before we left, Seth and I had dinner with a couple who have been mentors to us for quite awhile, and they shared their thoughts on us leaving Luc for a whole week.  It confirmed our deepest feelings, and we decided then and there to take him with us.  Every single day of the vacation, we said about a million times "I can't BELIEVE we almost didn't bring him!!"  He was SO much fun, and even though I'm home with him every day, I feel like I got to know him even more.  And in light of the new baby arriving in about a month, I'm so thankful we were able to take a vacation with just the three of us before things change.  It was a very special time that I'll cherish forever. :)

Day 1

One of our biggest worries about taking him on a road trip was that Lucas did NOT do well in the car.  Just driving  2 1/2 hours out to my sis-in-law's in Iowa was torture for all of us, so I had no idea how he'd do for days of driving.  He was still rear-facing in his car seat, so my friend suggested turning him to face forward, that maybe he was getting carsick.  It was like night and day!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!

Our first night! (Springfield, MO)

Day 2 

Still happy!!

We stopped at a park in Tulsa, OK to stretch our legs.

Seth took and edited this picture.  Love it!!

Rest stop somewhere just over the Texan border.  

The moon was very popular during our trip! :)


Oh yes, the moon is STILL there!

It was about 10pm when we got to Lubbock, TX and Lucas had been sleeping in the car.  When we got to our room, he was so very slap-happy, and thought the bed was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Day 3 

The bed was still pretty exciting the next day. :)

Seth took these pictures of Lucas in the park while I shot

this session of my friend Lydia and her daughter. 

A little stop in Ruidosa, NM!!  Such a beautiful town up in the mountains!

His first pine cone!

I love driving into the sunset!

We stopped that night in Deming, NM.  It was fun when they saw our last name on our debit card when we paid for the hotel!  I think we should have gotten something for free, but whatev's. ;)

Day 4 

Seth and I drove through Deming back in 2008 on a trip to AZ and I took this picture of him:

So we made a special trip to the Deming Motel before we headed out. :)

Our GPS took us off the beaten path onto a very secluded road in the middle of nowhere, so we stopped to explore a bit on the side of the road.  It was SO peaceful, and the weather was AMAZING!!

We had a Groupon for Hotel La More in Bisbee, AZ, so we stayed there for a night and checked the town out.  


Day 5


Our destination was Tucson, AZ, which is one of our favorite places.  We hiked around the some of same areas of Saguaro National Park we visited years ago, this time with our little Luc and baby on board. :)

Probably my favorite picture from the whole trip!!  Also the

Lucas Weekly

picture of the week!! :)

I love that all three of us are in this picture in some way!

A very nice stranger took this picture for us. 

The hotel had a heated pool, and Lucas LOVES the water.  He was just beside himself!!

Day 6

More hiking at Saguaro National Park!  Lucas learned the word "cactus." :)

Those little guys mean business!!

I can't believe I thought I was huge back then.  You guys should see me now!!

Well, wouldn't you know, there's that moon again!!

Another favorite. :)

Day 7

We didn't take many pictures on the way home, but this is one of my favorites.  A snow storm was rolling into Ruidosa, New Mexico behind us, and it was so beautiful!  Seth actually took this picture (I don't like getting out of the car on busy highways, he's much braver than I am!!), I edited it.  :)

PHEW!!!  If you made it to the end, thank you!!!  This was by far the best trip we've ever taken!  

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!!! :) :) :)