Keri : Sycamore, IL Senior Session

This has been a strange winter in that it's barely snowed at all here in the Midwest.  Usually at this point in the year, we're buried under many, many inches of snow, but instead, we've had some amazingly mild weather (It was in the 60's this past week.  IN ILLINOIS!).  We actually got some snow a couple of weeks ago, so I was contacted last minute by Keri's mom to head out for a quick senior session before it all melted, which it did pretty much the same day we had our session.  I have to admit, as much as I dislike winter, it was nice to get out in the snow for a change of scenery. :)
Keri is a senior at Sycamore High School and headed off to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in the Spring.  She's sweet, beautiful, and one of those rare people who actually like the snow.  ;)  
My favorite!!  
Thanks, Keri, and good luck this fall!! :)