Lucas Weekly : Bonus! {Christmas 2011}

I know it sounds cliche, but having kids has profoundly changed our view of the holidays.  Before Lucas was born, we'd spend every Christmas away from home, which was great at the time because we were with family that we love dearly. But in the five years that we had been married, we'd never established our own family traditions.  After Lucas came around, we realized how important it was for us to start our own traditions.  Last year, we started a family breakfast before gifts on Christmas morning.  This year, we wanted to do a little bit more to include our faith, so we (well, I) baked a cake on Christmas Eve, and we sang Silent Night before blowing out the candles.  

Check out some of the highlights of our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning!!

Seth's parents and sister joined us for dinner on Christmas Eve and our Silent Night singing.

I think this was right after Lucas said "Cool!!!"  

Nana knows the way to a toddler boy's heart:  noisy trucks!!

Christmas breakfast!! Crumb cake and an egg casserole! Mmmmm...

Bring on the presents!!

While shopping for Lucas, Seth was complaining about how awesome toys are these days compared to the ones we had as kids.  He specifically pointed out this nerf gun and said how sweet it would have been to have something like that.  I knew at that moment that I had to get it for him!!  I love that I was able to capture his surprised look!!!

One of the selling points in the store for Seth was that it "even came with clips!!"  Lucas enjoyed helping Seth load it. :)

It was the perfect compliment to the blazer I bought him.  This is also the official bonus picture for the week. ;)

Taken 12/25/11

35mm f/2.2 1/100 sec ISO 800

Only a sweet baby could crack that tough exterior. 

I'm so excited to see what the coming years will bring us in the way of traditions as Lucas gets older and baby #2 is thrown in the mix!!  

Click here

to see a fun little video of Seth, Lucas, and the nerf gun in action. :)