Amy & Nick : Chicago, IL Engagement Session

Seth and I photographed our good friend Nick and his beautiful fiance Amy back in December.  We've both known Nick since high school and are SO HAPPY he's met someone as wonderful as Amy to spend the rest of his life with!!!  We just love them!!
Nick and Amy live in an AMAZING condo downtown Chicago with a beautiful view of the city, so it only made sense to start our session there!!!

Amy tried to warn me before the session that she was the most unphotogenic person in the world.  Now, I'm not in the habit of calling people liars, so I'll just say, yes, Amy, you are unphotogenic.  But only on opposite day. ;)
BAM!!!  Nicely done, Nick.  Nicely done.  ;)
Nick and Amy met playing flag football at a field a short walk from their condo, so we headed over there for this next set.  
LOVE this one!!
And this, my friends, is why we love Nick.  He always knows how to bring the laughs! :)
They had their first date at this awesome little sandwich place in Wicker Park called Jerry's, so we stopped there to grab this photo, and to partake in some delish sandwiches. 
Then we hit up the Michigan Ave area!  I'm not gonna lie, it. was. COLD!  I think we were only out for about 10 minutes because everyone was losing feeling in their hands. Totally worth it.
Chicago, baby!!