Lucas Weekly : Week 35-ish {10/17/11-10/23/11}

This is the story of young boy named Lucas, and his trip to the pumpkin patch.  

One fine Saturday in October, Lucas went to the pumpkin patch with his Daddy and his Aunt.  

Taken 10/15/11 (by Seth)

Lucas looked at many pumpkins, but for some reason, none of them could hold his attention. In his heart, Lucas was sad.

He was sad because he had a story wanted to share with the world, but no one would listen. His Daddy recognized this, and put him in a crate so he could shout his story to all who were near.

It was a rousing tale, filled with giants...


...and scary monsters.

There was also princess, however, she had come down with a case of the cooties, and only made a brief appearance. 

When he had finished tale, he became silent.  

His heart was filled with happiness because he was able to tell his story to others, and he was satisfied enough to pick out the perfect pumpkin.