Lucas Weekly : Week 34 {10/10/11-10/16/11}

Move over,

Ryan Gosling

, there's a new heartthrob in town!

Taken 10/10/11


Lots of pictures from this week!!  Seth took all of the park pictures, as I was at home dying of pregnant on our couch.  

Static head!

And then Seth realized he put Luc's shoes on the wrong feet. :)

These pictures in our backyard were taken by me on 10/12/11 and were just too much fun for me not to include in this week's posting. 

This next set is so funny to me! Lucas has always been really good at throwing things, so we gave him Seth's Frisbee disc to throw around just to see what he'd do, and he was actually throwing it the right way!!  My little frolfer! 

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