Maureen & Garrack : Afton Forest Preserve, DeKalb, IL Engagement Session

I "met" Maureen about 4 years ago in a very exclusive group that formed through an application on Facebook dedicated to the TV show, Lost.  We named the group "Strangers in a Strange Land" after one of our most loathed episodes, and would weekly discuss each new episode after it aired and the different theories we'd come up with.  During the time between seasons, we'd continue dissecting the show, but we'd also share our lives with one another; our favorite books and movies, other shows we watched, our beliefs, etc.  We all became fast friends and vowed to meet in person someday.  Possibly on some mysterious island after a plane crash? (Although, I'd prefer a shipwreck, if we're being honest.  Just sayin'.)

Maureen is originally from Crystal Lake, and so this past Thanksgiving when she visited her family, shet set up an engagement session with me for her and her fiance, Garrack.  Eeek!!  My first Stranger meeting!!!!  I was so nervous and excited to actually meet in person someone I've "known" for years!!  Isn't the internet a wonderful place??

My favorite!!
Maureen and Garrack just celebrated their one year dating anniversary yesterday!!!!!  Happy Anniversary, you two!!!  And Maureen, it was a pleasure to FINALLY meet you!!! :) :) :)