Christina, Shannon, Abby, & Maddie : Sandwich, IL Family Session

I'm so excited to finally share this next family's session with you all!!  It's been 2 months to the day since I shot their session, which is just insane since it feels like it was just yesterday.  Seth and I wish we could hang out with Shannon and Christina all the time because they are seriously AWESOME and we have so much in common with them!  And their daughters Abby and Maddie are two of the cutest girls in the world! 
We started their session out on their front porch. They recently bought their house and hadn't gotten a picture of themselves out in front of it yet.  I loved the idea!

We headed out to a forest preserve in Sandwich next.  
This next picture was both hilarious and heartbreaking.  Seconds after I took it, Abby started crying because she thought Shannon was going to throw her into the river!  So sad, but so sweet. :)
This was about the time Abby finally started to warm up to me.  I just love her personality and spunk!!
Maddie was so chill through the whole session!
I have a rule that if there are leaves, you must play in them.  :)
Maddie!!!  We had to do some creative moving of leaves to keep her from eating them. :)
I couldn't not take some pictures of Shannon and Christina together.  :)