Imelda & Jared : Starved Rock State Park, IL Engagement Session

'Tis the season for family Christmas pictures, so it's been awhile since I've had a couple here on the blog!  I actually shot Jared and Imelda's session back at the beginning of October (just to give you an idea of how far behind I am with blogging!!), so It's great to finally be able to share these pictures with ya'll!!
We met up at Starved Rock State Park, and due to the unseasonably warm weather that weekend, it. was. packed. Pretty much every picture we took was either squished between people that I had to creatively crop out, or shot between groups of people hiking by on the paths.  It was quite challenging for me to have to shoot that quickly without being able to take my time like usual, but really, it was a good challenge. What really helped was that Imelda and Jared were so laid back and patient during the whole session. When we had to stop in the middle of shooting to let people pass, then jump back into position, they did it without missing a beat.  It was impossible for me to be stressed or annoyed with the situation when I was working with such an awesome couple!  On top of that, they are incredibly sweet and SO in love with each other.  It's always fun for me to observe how couples interact when I ask them to do weird things for posing, and I can tell a lot about their personalities by how they choose to interpret what I'm asking them to do.  Jared was so gentle and caring towards Imelda, you can tell he just wants to take care of her.  It made me really excited for their wedding in October 2012!
Well, enough of my blabbing.  On to what you really came here to see. :)

One of my faves from the day.  I just love the colors, and J and I are so stinkin' cute!!
My favorite time of day to shoot!!  I just love that golden light!!!

Imelda and Jared, thanks again for being so wonderful! I really had an awesome time getting to know you guys during all of our downtime (and also,remember all that walking?!?!?).  I can already tell your wedding  is going to be awesome because you guys are awesome. :)  I can't wait!!!! 
Have a great Wednesday!!