Sarah, Dave, Ben, Danny, & Isabel : Afton Forest Preserve, DeKalb, IL Family Session

About a year ago, I had a conversation with Seth about how much I'd love to have some photographer friends that I could get together with from time to time to share the joys and frustrations about our industry.  About 90% of what photographers do takes place behind a computer, and as much as I enjoy my introverted alone time, it can get pretty lonely behind the screen.  I was craving to physically talk with someone else who did what I did.  Not even two weeks later, I received a Facebook message from photographer Sarah Aranda saying that she would love to get together for coffee sometime just to chat about the biz.  I. about. died.  I knew right at that moment we'd become friends.  It was just too coincidental to be coincidence, if you know what I mean.  Since then, we make every effort to get together once a month.  It doesn't always happen, but we try. And let me tell you, it's been so awesome to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and to just talk about the general day-to-day of being a photographer.  I'm always refreshed after our hangouts! 
Anyways, back in October, I had the wonderful honor of photographing Sarah and her family.  I just think these kids are SO adorable (and well-behaved, I might add!!).  And, um, Dave, it's a good thing you're a cop because your Izzy is going to be a HEARTBREAKER!  ;)
For real, they are too cute!
The light was AMAZING!  
I swear these kids could be models!!
This one literally kills me.
While we were up on the lookout tower at Afton, the kids found a caterpillar up on the ledge...
...which later ended up on the ground about 10 feet below.  
We grabbed a some pictures of just Dave and Sarah before we left, and I was cracking up because I had them kiss for a couple shots, and the kids were so grossed out by it!  At one point I overheard the following conversation:
Danny (very serious and disturbed, with pauses between each word): "Ben, mom and dad kissed!"
Ben: "Eww!!  How many times?!?!"
Danny: "Twice!"
Ben: "EWWWW!!"
Hilarious!!!!!  When they get older, they'll appreciate how adorable their mom and dad are together. :)
Sarah, I'm so thankful that you were willing to put yourself out there and contact me, because honestly, I'm not sure I'd have had the courage to do it myself.  I just want you to know how much it means to me. :) 
For those of you who are photographers and feel like you're floating around out there on your own, I can't stress enough to you how important it is to get to know other photographers in your area.  Our job is unconventional in that we don't have coworkers to gather around the water cooler with and shoot the breeze about such-and-such account or how much of a jerk our boss has been (for the record, my boss is a slave driver).  It's just us.  And people aren't meant to be islands.  We were made to share life together.  So here's any open invitation to any DeKalb/Sycamore, or anywhere around here, photographers:  Let's get coffee and chat about the biz.  :)
Happy Monday, lovelies!!