Lucas Weekly : Week 25 {8/8/11-8/14/11}

Remember this post where I tried to grow a garden from seed and completely failed?  Well, I did end up buying tomatoes, green peppers, and cucumbers as mature plants and planted myself a little garden in our backyard!  It's been so exciting going out to the garden to pick a fresh tomato or cucumber for sandwiches, salads, and whatever else I can add them to.  I've only gotten a couple of green peppers.  I think I waited too long to plant them, but regardless, I've been in heaven these past few weeks!  I also planted a bunch of herbs in planters that sit on my porch, and that's been amazing, too.  It really makes me sad that summer is almost over.  Next year I have plans to plant many more veggies, none of which will be from seed. :)

Here's Lucas, showing off his mommy's prized plants.

Taken 8/14/11