Lucas Weekly : Week 22 {7/18/11-7/24/11}

Lucas doesn't get to spend much time with older kids.  He mostly hangs out with kids his age, either in the nursery at church or on a play date, and at 1, they all mostly play by themselves.  But when Luc's cousin comes to visit, it's a completely different story.  Ellie is 3 and just loooooooooves Lucas!  She's always playing with him, giving him toys (and taking them away!), asking where he is when he's sleeping, trying to pick him up, etc.  At first, Lucas had no idea how to take her and would usually just stare at her when she would try to play with him.  But now, he's really starting to love when she comes to visit!!  I love this picture of the two of them!  They're BFF's!!!  

Taken 7/23/11

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Happy Friday, everyone!!  Hope you all have a great Labor Day!!!!