Lucas Weekly : Week 21 {7/11/11-7/17/11}

Lucas is crazy.  He's always been a daredevil, and honestly, I'm a bit worried about the things he's going to do when he gets to be a bit older.  It wouldn't scare me half as much if he didn't seem to be cursed with my coordination, but I can already see the clumsiness in him that put me and my siblings in the ER at least couple times a year.  For instance, yesterday he bumped his head, fell and cut his eyelid on a mega block which is now swollen and bruised, hit his lip on the corner of the ottoman leaving a small bruise, fell down a couple stairs, and GOT STUNG BY A FRICKING WASP!!!!  Now I realize that getting stung by a wasp has nothing to do with his coordination, but people who are accident prone are not confined by the limits of their own ability to hurt themselves.  Speaking from experience, these things just happen.  Now before you get all DCFS on me, please understand that there is nothing I could have done to prevent any of these things, short of wrapping him in bubble wrap and never letting him leave the house.  And believe me, I've thought about it.

So back to his craziness.  He and Seth have developed a game involving our bed, a ton of pillows and blankets, and a flying baby.  They call it "Rocket Lucas".  (Seth just told me that) Lucas can't get enough of it!  Every time Seth goes into the bedroom, Lucas follows in the excited hopes that he'll get launched onto the bed.

Taken 7/17/11

I'll be honest, I'm a bit concerned about escalation. :)