Lucas Weekly : Week 19 {6/27/11-7/3/11}

Every year since we've been married, Seth and I have gone out to Dubuque, Iowa for the fireworks on the 3rd of July.  It's always so much fun!!  We go down to the Mississippi River around dinner time and have sandwiches while watching the air show, then hang out with our family and friends until dark.  

Last year, Lucas was only 5 months old, and while he was alert enough to watch the fireworks, he wasn't quite old enough to appreciate them.  I'm not sure how much he appreciated them this year (read on and you'll find out why) but he LOOOOOVED the air show!!!  Whenever a plane would fly overhead, he would point up at it and shout "Whooooooooaaaaaa!!"  It was more entertaining watching him then watching the planes! 

Luc's cousin Ellie loved the planes, too!

Cousin Linkan

Seth wanted to practice taking pictures, which resulted in a rare picture of me and Luc. :)

He loves drinking through a straw.

Seth took this lovely pictures as well.

I love the picture on the right;  he's such a small fry!!

I was totally thinking of this picture when Lucas was staring at the glow stick!! 

And the official Lucas Weekly picture:

Taken 7/3/11

He made it all the way up until the fireworks started, then fell asleep!!  Maybe next year. :)