Lucas Weekly : Week 17 {6/13/11-6/19/11}

I, like most of you out there, am the kind of person who has to have at least one piece of chocolate a day.  I used to have homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on the counter all the time, but Seth requested I stop making them due to the gradual tightening of his pants.  To satisfy my daily cravings, I've started to buy little candies here and there when I can get a good deal (holler to you other couponers out there!!), that way I just have a little piece whenever I want.

Lucas, on the other hand, doesn't get chocolate every day.  In fact, aside from a special occasion, the poor fella doesn't get dessert-type foods that often.  It's not that I'm terribly uptight about it, but we usually don't have dessert unless we have guests, and the candy we do have isn't exactly baby-friendly. ;) Seth thought it would be cute to see what he'd do with a piece of chocolate, and since it was such a rare opportunity, I thought I should capture it.    

The official Lucas Weekly picture for Week 17.  Signing for more.  I think he liked it. ;)

Taken 6/15/11