The Zoo!

Back at the beginning at June, Lucas and I went to the zoo with Seth's sisters, AJ and Mariah, and Luc's two cousins, Ellie and Linkan.  I LOVE the zoo, and hadn't been there in about 4 years, so I was way excited go!  It was a lot more fun going to the zoo with kids, especially since Ellie (who is 3) is old enough to really get excited about the animals.  It was also fun for me to take my camera and shoot just for the fun of it!

Lucas enjoying his favorite food for lunch, bananas. 

Beautiful Ellie.
Little Link!!
Since most schools were still in session when we went, there were hardly any crowds and the zoo was almost empty (which was awesome and kind of creepy at the same time), so we were able to get a good view of all of the animals!!
Waiting for the sea lions...
...and they showed off for us!
Ellie's mommy painted her face and she was VERY proud!

We just happened to be at the polar bear area when it was time for it to eat.  It was pretty awesome!
The infamous Brookfield Peacock that just wanders around the zoo.