Liz & Kris : Afton Forest Preserve, DeKalb, IL Couple Session

Once when I was around 5 and she was around 3, I made her scream the "S" word at the top of her lungs, which resulted in her getting her mouth washed out with soap while I stood there gloating.  Then there was the time I pushed her off of a utility sink in the basement we used to climb up on to swing off the water pipes in the basement ceiling. Obviously we weren't supposed to swing on the pipes, so when we heard our mom coming down the stairs, I panicked and pushed her off the sink, causing her to sprain her ankle when she landed.  I knew we'd be in huge trouble if my mom found out we were swinging on the pipes again, so I quickly whispered to her under my breath that she'd better say I ran her over with the big wheel.  I'm not sure if it was because I promised to clean her room if she said it, or if I threatened to even things out on the other ankle if she didn't, but my mom only recently found out what actually happened.  I was a great older sister.  Really.

I'm so thankful that after all of that (and much, much more), Liz had the courage to approach me to take pictures of her and her boyfriend, Kris, just because.  Kris is a great guy who has made my sister so happy, so I was excited to have an excuse to get to know him a little better. :)

We had an awesome time together out at Afton Forest Preserve.  No one forced anyone to shout curse words.  No one sprained anyone's ankle.  We just had fun.  And laughed, a lot. :)

She's a cutie. :)
The lookout tower at Afton is a special place to Liz and Kris.  I love taking pictures of people in places that mean something to them. :)