Lucas Weekly : Week 16 {6/6/11-6/12/11}

I was soooo excited to get Lucas a little kiddie pool this year!  I pictured myself lounging in the golden sun reading a book, while he splish-splashed for hours.  I thought, "He loves bath time, right?  He's going to LOVE a pool!!"  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Maybe it's because he wasn't used to have a breeze and bugs flying around his head.  Maybe it's because he was scared that the crab would close his mouth (I'll admit, it is kind of creepy).  I don't know.  Whatever the case, he freaked out the second his little toes hit the water.

Taken 6/7/11

We thought it would help if he was completely wet.  The water was as warm since it had been sitting out all day, maybe if we splashed him a bit it might make it feel more like he was taking a bath.  Wrong again.

This moment makes me feel like an awesome parent because I'm pretty sure I was laughing behind my camera.  How can you not think that face is hilarious??  His eyes are little crescent moons!  

Well, needless to say, his time in the pool that afternoon was short-lived.   I have tried to get him in a couple times since then, and he wasn't over the moon about it, but he didn't cry.  He just stands there and occasionally splashes, but he doesn't sit down if he can avoid it.  I guess there's always next year, right? :)

Here's just one more from that day.  Who doesn't love a little diaper wedgie???  

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Happy Monday, my friends!!!!!  :)