Katie & Heath : Blumen Gardens, Sycamore, IL Wedding

It was one of the hottest weddings I've ever shot.  In the 90's and humid, we all felt like we were melting.  While having an outdoor wedding during a heat wave might have dampened the spirits of some and stressed others out, Katie and Heath remained calm and collected.  It was their wedding day.  It didn't matter that it felt like a mouth outside, they were finally going to be husband and wife.

As I said in their engagement session post, I just love these two.  One of the greatest things about my job is that it's not just about the wedding day.  I don't just walk in there, introduce myself to the couple and start shooting.  There are meetings, emails, phone calls, texts, and in most cases an engagement session, so that by the time I get to the wedding, I feel like I'm watching my friends get married (this often leads to me getting teary during the first look, ceremony, and first dances, making me very thankful I have a giant camera to hide behind!).  Katie and Heath have such an easy way about them that I felt like I knew them from the very first meeting I had with them.  The great thing was that when Seth met them for the first time at their wedding, he felt exactly the same way.  By the end of the night, he and Heath even had inside jokes!  I have the best job, and the best clients. :)

The girls had their hair done at Dolce Vita Salon and Day Spa, in Sycamore before moving over to the Country Inn and Suites to do their makeup and get dressed.

After reading Katie and Heath's story, I was DYING to see a picture Heath's long hair and goatee!!!  This picture is all kinds of awesome. :)

I love this shot of Katie and her mom getting all pretty together.
Something blue. :)
Katie and Heath opted to see each other before the wedding for pictures.  These moments are always so sweet and emotional. :)
Katie, even in the sweltering heat, you are absolutely radiant. :)

Their son, Blake was one of two ring bearers.  He's soooooo sweet!!!  

Blumen Gardens is the perfect venue for an outdoor summer wedding. 

This gorgeous arrangement was put together by the amazingly talented Joni Watson of Wedding Flowers By Joni.  A special thanks to her husband, Jason, for climbing up there to hang the fabric and flowers that made Katie and Heath's day extra beautiful. :)

Katie had planned on using Blake's bubble machine for the recessional, but Blake found it during the ceremony.  He turned it on, and started laughing, which in turn made EVERYONE laugh.  It was adorable!!

He couldn't let his cousin, the second ring bearer, miss out on the fun!!


About 80% of the time, flash from guests will completely bomb an image.  This was a rare case where it actually improved it. :)

Remember what I said about getting choked up during the first dances?  This moment with Katie and her father had me hiding behind my camera. :)

Congratulations, Katie and Heath!!!!  Seth and I had an AMAZING time at your wedding, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of it!!!  Happy 1 month and 1 day anniversary!!!