OUR Family Pictures!!

Back in May, we had our own family pictures taken by the talented Tim Tabailloux over at Tim Tab Studios.  I was soooo, SO nervous!  Obviously, I'm not used to being on the other end of a professional camera, but really, who is?  I certainly had no reason to be nervous, though; Tim was incredible and did a great job at making us feel comfortable almost immediately.  The combination of nerves and the fact that Tim is stinkin' hilarious had me laughing for about 90% of the shoot!  We made some great memories that day while Tim documented them with his camera.

The most precious thing I took away from our shoot was how important is for us as a family to actually HAVE pictures taken.  Since I'm usually the one taking the pictures of our family, I'm usually not in ANY pictures.  How sad is that?? I've made a vow to myself to have pictures taken once a year so that I'm at least in SOME pictures with my family! ;)

We have so many beautiful pictures from our shoot, but I wanted to share just a few of my favorites.  And by a few, I mean about a bunch! ;)

My guys. :)
Probably my most favorite picture of us ever. 
Seth was feeling particularly thoughtful that day.  I was just trying to help him out. ;)
After we were finished with the family pictures, Tim and I headed out to grab some pictures of just me for my website.  I was much more nervous for these pictures.  I don't think I've had professional pictures of just me taken since Seth and I got married almost 7 years ago!! (I'm not counting my maternity pictures here, because, let's face it, my Lucas bump was the main focus there. This time, I didn't have a cute belly to hide behind!!) But once again, Tim was awesome. :)  
Tim, thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU so very much for using your gift to capture my family at such an amazing time in our lives.  I will cherish these pictures always. :)