Kaden & Jaxson : Atkinson, IL Kids Session

When I say I have the best clients EVER, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.  One of my brides, and a dear friend, Chrissy (who has an awesome name, I might add), wanted to do something special for her maid of honor, Katie, to show her how much she appreciates all of the hard work she's doing for her upcoming wedding.  Instead of getting her something that would gather dust on a shelf, Chrissy booked me for a kids session as a surprise to Katie.  How sweet is that??

I was excited about this shoot for two reasons:  1.  I so rarely get to photograph newborns, and HOLY COW are they small! and, 2. I love my friend, Chrissy, and knew how awesome she is and figured that anyone she's friends with has to be awesome as well, which Katie certainly was.  :)

We started the shoot out with 3-week-old Jaxson.  He was so precious and, even though he pee'd all over me, I loved him to pieces. :)
Love his little smirk!!!
Then we headed out to a farm that belongs to one of Katie's friends for some pictures of Kaden.  Watch out, ladies, he's gonna be a heartbreaker!!
I could just eat his cute dimpled face all gone.
We found a little toad maxin' and relaxin' in a tire.
Jaxson joined his big bro for a few photos.