Shannon & Brad : Millennium Park, Chicago, IL Engagement Session

Shannon and Brad have been best friends since the 4th grade.  During the course of their friendship, Brad fell in love, and in 7th grade, he started asking Shannon out.  Almost daily he asked her out, and almost daily, he got the same answer. "No."  Shannon only saw him as a friend.

It wasn't until college, when Brad starting dating someone else, that Shannon realized her true feelings.  Unable to tell him how she felt, she did what any normal girl would do:  she stopped talking to him.  After about six months, they got together again to catch up and had a great time.  Two weeks later, he broke up with his girlfriend, and it wasn't long after that that he took one last chance and asked Shannon out again.  This time, she said yes.    

Shannon and Brad are the winners of the Free Wedding Contest that I ran back in February, and I couldn't be more thrilled that they won!  (Click here and scroll down to read their story as told by Shannon) They've been through a lot as a couple, and weren't even planning on having a photographer at their wedding because they couldn't afford it, and that just broke my heart.  When I met with them after they won, we clicked right away and spent three hours chatting at Starbucks.  It was awesome!

For their Engagement Session, Shannon and Brad chose to have pictures taken out in Chicago's Millennium Park, and I was all for it.  I love shooting in new locations, and I so rarely get to shoot out in the city, even though we live so close.

I'll give a virtual high five to the first person to tell me what "The Bean's" real name is.  :)

The tulips were blooming all along Michigan Avenue, it was breathtaking.
Next we headed on over to Buckingham Fountain.  It was a tad chilly, but totally worth it for the scenery.
I heart them so much!!