Lucas Weekly : Week 9 {4/18/11-4/24/11}

I am constantly amazed at how fast kids grow.  Having a child of my own and seeing that firsthand makes me appreciate the value of photographs so much more.  If I didn't see the importance of my job before Luc was born, I certainly do now.  Being able to go through pictures of Lucas and see those changes is something I cherish with all of my heart.  And even though it's a relief to not take a picture of Lucas every day (what the heck was I thinking???), there's a small part of me that feels as though I'm missing out.  That I might be robbing the future me of remembering how Lucas was at every point of his life.  Obviously, this is just me being crazy, and I think it's now apparent to everyone that I suffer from "the grass is always greener" syndrome.  This is where Seth would call me Eeyore and encourage me to suck it up.  Well, fine.  I will cheer myself up by posting some INSANELY cute pictures of Lucas beginning to embark upon a new milestone! :)

Check out who can stand up all by himself!!  Don't you just love that tongue??

Taken 4/21/11

Won't be long until my little Snoopy is walking!  Guess it might be time to actually baby-proof things, huh?

Luc also had a taste of Daddy's fruit smoothie and LOVED it!  It was so funny to watch him drink it through a straw!

He was very excited.

 Then, we spent Easter out in Iowa with his cousins, Ellie and Linkan.  Today (4/29) is Ellie's 3rd Birthday!!

I love this one. :)

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Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!