Lucas Weekly : Week 8 {4/11/11-4/17/11}

Almost 2 weeks ago, it was a beautiful 80*F here in Illinois, which in April is almost unheard of.  I thought it was heaven.  Mother Nature must hate me, though, because it's been rainy and in the 40's ever since.  But anyways, my sister-in-law (Auntie AJ) was over and watched Luc for us while we went out for a couple of hours the day it was 80*, and when we came home, she had him dressed like this.  I about melted on the spot, and it had nothing to do with the weather.  He was so. freaking. cute.  

Taken 4/10/11

(I realize that this was taken a day earlier than the week started, but for some reason last week I thought I was starting Lucas Weekly weeks on Sunday and not Monday, so I thought I was all good and didn't take any more pictures.  Apparently I don't have a brain any more. ;)

I've been unable to catch Lucas whistling long enough to take a video, but I have something almost as good,  a photograph.  Complete with drool dripping down his chin.

A preview of his teenage years??

Happy Wednesday! :)