Lucas Weekly : Week 6 {3/28/11-4/3/11}

I was literally LOL'ing while picking the picture for Week 6.  Lucas is at such a fun age!  He's becoming independent, talkative, and he's also starting to mimic the little things Seth and I do.  For instance, when I change his diaper and talk to him, he exaggeratively nods his head and says "Umhmmmm", which is what I do to him when he babbles.  He's also starting whistling.  I have no idea how he learned to do this, but it started a couple of weeks ago I think by accident.  Now we've made such a big deal about it that we can sometimes get him to do it by asking and whistling to him.   It's a low, quiet noise that could easily be mistaken for the wind when it whistles through a window or door.  I've been trying to take a video of it, and if I do, I'll post it for you guys because it really is hilarious. :)  He's also started making these AWESOME faces, which brings me back to this week's Lucas Weekly.  He was playing with the crossword section of the paper and being totally silly!

Taken 4/1/11

And with all of the crazy faces he made, I can't post just one!