>Birth Matters: A Whole Life Event

>When Susan Booker emailed me 2 1/2 weeks ago asking if I wanted to be a part of Birth Matters, I experienced a moment of panic.  I've never done an event or expo or anything of that nature and was not AT ALL prepared, so my first thought was to decline.  After a few more minutes of thought, however, I decided to get over myself and just do it!  Sure it would be a lot of work to get ready in time (which it has been!) but it would be so worth it to be a part of such an awesome event!!  Birth Matters is, according to the event on Facebook a "gathering of holistic service providers from DeKalb and the surrounding areas. Nurturing family wellness through education."  There will be doctors, doulas, massage therapists, and many more providers and vendors.  There will also be live music and a bunch of fun giveaways!  I haven't decided what my giveaway will be yet, (What??  I still have a day to decide and I'll be darned if I'm going to decide any earlier than the last minute. ;]) but I'll think of something spiffy. :)

In a weird way, it's been kind of fun getting ready for this.  Sometimes I feel like a lot of the things I do for my business don't have an immediate finished product, so it was nice to accomplish something and actually have physical proof of that accomplishment.  I'll have two sample leather bound portrait books for everyone to flip through, some prints of my handsome boy (in these SUPER AWESOME FRAMES), and coupon cards that will get you 10% off of a session fee!  And as a bonus, you'll get to see which image of Lucas I chose to print as a canvas!  (I'm not really sure how much of a bonus that really is, but he sure looks cute on a 16X24 canvas ;])

So stop by and say "Hello!" if you're in the DeKalb area (Seriously!  It'd be great to see those of you that I know, and meet those of you that I don't!)!!  It's at The House Cafe from 11-4 this coming Saturday, April 2nd.

I can't leave you all without posting any pictures, so here's one of Lucas from a few weeks ago. Hope to you Saturday!!! :) :) :) :)