Lucas Weekly : Week 4 {3/14/11-3/20/11}

Something that Seth and I do every night before we go to sleep, as I'm sure most parents do (or maybe we're just obsessive and crazy?), is take a little peek at Lucas while he's sleeping.  Kids are just so precious when they sleep and I have to resist every urge to grab him up and squeeze him!  Seth and I joke that Luc will be 16 and we'll still be checking on him every night, making sure he's warm and breathing.  Anyways, the picture for Week 4 of Lucas Weekly comes from one of our nightly peek-ins.

Taken 3/20/11

And a bonus picture, the view from the other side.  :) 

I'll be posting Week 5 later this week, then I'll be all caught up and posting only one Lucas Weekly post a week.  HURRAY!! :)

Have a great day!