>Silly Photo Contest Photos!!!


Time to vote for your favorite picture!!  You have 2 ways to vote:
1.  "Like" your favorite photo on Facebook (you'll have to like the page in order to like a photo).  ***
2.  Leave a comment in the comment section of this post with the name and number of the picture you want to vote for.  Because you can only vote once with a comment here on the blog, I have to ask that you leave you do not leave an "Anonymous" comment, but please fill out your name.  I will not be approving any Anonymous comments, so if you are a contestant, please let your friends and family know!! Honor system here!  I'd like to keep this as fair for everyone as possible!!! :) :) :)  ***
If you submitted a photo, you can vote for your own. :)  The photo with the most votes will win a free 1-2 hours portrait session AND a disc with 30-40 images and printing rights.  Voting will go until Friday, March 11th, and the winner will be posted on Monday, March 14th!  The rules and extra details can be found here.  
***Yes, you can like more than one picture on Facebook.  Only one vote here on the blog, though, since that's more difficult for me to moderate. :)

Here they are (posted in the order they were submitted)!!  Happy voting and good luck to everyone!!!!
#1. Kerri (Daughter Macy)
#2. Lisa (Daughter Ava)
#3. Carolyn (Daughter Alyssa)
#4.  Joni (Husband Jason and son Brock)
#5.  Kristin (Son Landen)
#6.  Jenni (Son Finn)
#7.  Amy (Her and her boyfriend Drew)
#8.  Allegra (Husband Trevor and daughter Evelyn)
#9.  Erica (Daughter Isabelle)
#10.  Sandy (Daughter Bella)
#11.  Ruth (Granddaughter Katie)
#12.  Sydney (Daughter Riley)
#13.  Heather (Daughter Katie)
#14.  Jennifer (Daughter Emerald and son Logan)
#15.  Jenny (Daughter Brea)
#16.  Kim (Husband Greg)
#17.  Hannah (Dog Rufus)
#18.  Alicia (Son Jakob)
#19.  Dacia (Son Dominic)
#20.  Gladys (Daughter Brianna)
#21.  Jenni (Daughter Kayley)
#22.  Kellie (With niece Brinkli, and sons Riley and Mason)