>Help Your Favorite Couple Win!!!


You've read their stories and now you have an opinion about who should win.  Maybe you're a friend or a family member of the couple and would like to add more to their story.  What can you do???
Read on and I'll tell you.
Click here and post in the comment section at the bottom as to why you think they deserve to have free wedding photography*.  Funny stories, sweet memories, anything you think may help round out their story is welcome (and much appreciated by the contestants, might I add!!).  The judges are watching, and, let me tell you, choosing the final couple isn't going to be easy.  (Please be sure to include the number, along with the names of the couple so no one gets confused.  :])
The winner will be announced on Friday, February 25th!!!
*The amount of comments a couple receives will in no way determine who the winner is.  We're looking for some quality comments that can attest to the love and character of the couple.  More info about the contest can be found here.