>Kids : Grant, Kyle, Natalie, and Luke


You may remember seeing Luke here back in August when he turned a year old.  Well, he's back!  And this time he brought reinforcements. :)  Luke's cousins, Grant, Kyle, and Natalie were visiting from Kansas City, MO over Christmas, and their parents wanted to get the kids together for some pictures.  Each of them were wearing a shirt with their age on it, which I was thought was so cute and such a great idea!!
Grant, Kyle and Natalie

Natalie is such a beautiful ballerina! 
Grant showing me his football pose. :)
Kyle was such a ham!
I love this picture of them!!
Luke was being all cute, doing his own thing for most of the time.
Grant, Kyle, Natalie, and Luke, thanks so much for letting me take your pictures! :) :) :) :)

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