My Top 5 : Winter


I had a dream last night that my friends stopped talking to me because of my negativity.  I spent the entire dream trying to convince them that I was a positive person, but every time I spoke, negativeness poured uncontrollably out of my mouth and they ran away from me.  This is no doubt due to the crazy workings of my subconscious as lately I've been thinking about how I can be pretty darn negative from time-to-time.  Winter is when I find it hardest to be positive.  The sun seems to disappear for years on end.  My nose hairs freeze the moment I step outside, making breathing almost impossible.  It is, hands down, my least favorite of the seasons.  Now before I go and get all negative again, let me say that I'm trying to be nicer to Winter.  Which brings me to this most recent installment of My Top 5 (formerly, or rather, once before this, Top 5 Tuesday :]).  

The first snowfall/White Christmas

- I'll admit that the first time it snows is magical.  The ground is perfect and unblemished.  Sounds are muffled.  People (especially me) find reasons to stay at home.  Add Christmas to that, and you certainly have the most magical time of the year! 

Not having to worry about dying in a tornado

 - Thunderstorms are my least favorite thing about spring, summer, and fall. :)

Tea, soup, chili, oatmeal, and other warm food and drink

- Another excuse to use my awesome Crockpot with the result of a tasty meal that warms my bones??? I'll take it!!

Cozy sweaters

- It wasn't until recently that I realized that in order to stay warm during winter, I have to dress warm.  I know what you're thinking: Duh. I'm thinking that too. :)

Not feeling guilty about staying inside

- Having to stay inside is one of the reasons why I hate winter, but with a little change in attitude, I'm learning to appreciate not feeling the guilt I do in the summer when I'm not able to get out and enjoy the nicer weather.  Also, Seth and I have discovered the joy of boardgames, our favorite right now being Settlers of Catan. 

Feel free to add any of your favorite things about Winter in the comment section!  If anything, it might help lessen my hatred of the season. ;) 

My 2 favorite guys in the snow. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 

Have a great Tuesday!  UPDATE :  It was Wednesday when I posted this.  I have no brain.